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What is a Predictive Gamification App?


It’s in the palm of your hand, right on your mobile device – it’s your Custom App that combines the engagement and rewards of gaming with the insight of Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Put it in the hands of your employees, customers, C-level executives, students, potential recruits and see how you can profoundly change business as usual.

Use BIG DATA in Decision Making

Data can be collected from play or it can be used to design the App – or both. Combine these multiple factors to gain a competitive edge, to add motivation and prediction in ways that surpass traditional research, focus groups or polling.

>> Collect consumer feedback on brand initiatives
>> Identify optimal employment candidates
>> Transform real estate sales from an art to a science
>> Move from the deceptive bravado of gut instinct to the truths revealed in actual behavior patterns

There will still be tough choices to make – and they might just fly in the face of ‘the way things have always been done’ – but you will be ahead of the game.

ENGAGE the Opportunities

Companies all across the spectrum are taking advantage of the opportunities.

>> Fortune 500 companies are using Apps to better motivate their workforce, get their brand messages out, train and engage their employees, and more.

>> Restaurants are using Apps to train and reward their top performers. Apps spotlight which desserts to recommend based on customer behavior, increasing sales 2% to 4% in the first month.

>> Utilities are using Apps to encourage smarter energy use among customers, creating neighborly competitions and rewards systems around resource conservation.

MOTIVATE the Potential

Schools are using Apps to determine which learning methods work best for specific students and to catch students who are on the path to failure, allowing them to intervene earlier.

REWARD your Business

Use predictive gamification to your advantage no matter what business you’re in: brand marketing, human resources/recruiting, real estate, non-profit outreach, health care, etc.

We’ll formulate a strategy for your unique enterprise opportunity, then design the gaming system, implement and monitor.
Email or call 732-492-8731 and learn how Predictive Gamification Apps can give you an advantage.